Monday, May 19, 2014


I love watermelon!!

Water day is a special event that all kindergarten kids at my school look forward to.  This year we had 5 kindergarten teachers, so we had 5 different stations at water day and rotated them every 15 min.  One of the stations was playground fun/watermelon.  One of the parts of water day that I was not looking forward to was lugging my watermelons through our building into my classroom, much less bringing a huge knife to cut them with.  So this year I decided to try a neat idea I saw on Pinterest. 

Obviously the first thing you need to do is buy a watermelon. (I used 2 small ones because I have 22 students)  Then find some cute cookie-cutters.  (I found this set at Walmart for $3.  I loved that it had lots of different sizes)

Cut the watermelon into flat slices.

Use your cookie cutters to create shapes from the watermelon.

I used several different sizes so that I could use as much of the watermelon as possible.  Plus I knew that some of my kids wouldn't want one of the big slices.  A kids gotta have options right?

I had a lot of fun cutting the flower shapes out of the watermelon.  Plus it made a really funny squishing noise everything you pressed the cookie cutter down.  I have spent way too much time around 5 year olds because I giggled every time the watermelon made the squishing noise.

I then put all the pieces into a tupperware container, put the container in the fridge overnight, and they were ready to go the next morning.

Why I loved this idea:

  • No morning trips out to the car to carry the watermelons in to school
  • All I had to do was carry in the tupperware container and put it in my fridge
  • No butcher knives at school
  • The kids weren't standing around waiting for me to cut them a slice of watermelon because the slices were already made
  • No rinds leftover for the kids to throw away (or leave laying around because, you know, they're kids and they've got better things to do like PLAY!)
  • Perfect size for the kids to hold and eat
  • Wasn't as messy 
My kids gave this 2 thumbs up!  
From now on I will always do this for Water Day!

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