Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Managing Paper Clutter

Today I thought I'd share a paperwork organizational tip...

At school I feel like I am always collecting some form of paperwork: field trip permission forms, book orders, class photo order forms, etc.  I never knew what to do with all these extra papers, so I used to just shove them in a slot at the bottom of my paper organizer.  This was obviously not the best idea because all the papers would end up in a mixed up pile.  Then I would have to go searching through my pile to find the papers I needed.

So out of necessity I decided to try something different this year.

I bought a cheap black hanging file folder container at Staples.  I filled it with different colored hanging files.  Then I bought Post It Tabs.  These are awesome file folder tabs that are repositionable and come with 24 in a pack.  Click here to see the ones I bought - Post It Tabs

I keep the Post It Tabs and a sharpie in my file and as I start to collect papers, I write down the name  on a Post It Tab and stick it on a free hanging file.  This keeps my paper clutter so much more manageable because everything has a home, and if it doesn't have a home, I make one for it.  Last week we took our kindergarten classes to the zoo.  So after we got back, I took out all the field trip forms that I no longer needed, peeled off the tab labeled Zoo Trip, and threw it away.  Now that file will be available for the next thing that comes along.

I have a hard time throwing things away, and at first I debated whether or not to throw the old tabs away, but then I remind myself that I wont need that tab for another year and 24 come in each pack.  This also freed up a hanging file folder so that I could start collecting notes for our Muffins with Mom activity next week.

Here are a few pictures of my mobile files:

My mobile files live on top of my kids take-home paper organizer.  This way they are in reach when I am checking my kids' take home folders every morning.  I make little piles of the papers as I check their folders and then file the papers away into the correct file.

I also keep things like extra behavior charts in these files because then they are right next to the kids' mailboxes and take home folders when I need them.  As you can tell from the pictures, I also keep my kids' report cards in the file and I am currently keeping testing materials in there because I am working on end of year report cards.

I hope this little tip helps calm some of your paper clutter like it did for me!

Now I just need to think of a cute name for these mobile files so I can make a colorful label for the front of the file box.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mother's Day Craft

I feel like every year I am on the quest to find the perfect Mother's Day craft for my kiddos to make for their moms.  This year was no different.  I wanted it to be cute, original, and something they would be pleased with.

So this year while browsing Pinterest I came across a cute handprint flower that definitely had some potential.  I just needed to put my own spin on things.

I know what you're thinking...Mother's Day isn't for a few weeks.  But I am not a procrastinator and cannot stand rushing around doing things last minute.

I picked up this really handy scrapbook paper pack that has all different colors and patterns.  I knew that I could use it for this craft and continue to use for other fun things.  The best part is that it was 50% off.  Woo Hoo! 

 Then I chose some fun mommy colors and cut them to look like little flower pots.

I had also picked up some glittery cardstock on my trip to Hobby Lobby, as well as a flower punch-out (not sure what those things are called).  They were also 50% off! That flower punch-out came in very handy when I had to make over 100 flowers!

So sparkly and pretty!

One of our fabulous kindergarten assistants painted all my kids' hands green for the stems of the flowers.  Of course I chose my sparkly green paint!!  It's all about the sparkle people!
She then let my kids chose which color and pattern pot they wanted for their mommy and glued them all down for me.

Here she is...isn't she awesome!

Then I got to work helping my kids write why they love their mommy's.

Here are some more examples.  Aren't they too sweet?

I then cut out their little message, glued it onto the flower pot, and Mrs. A laminated them for me.

I let each student choose 5 flowers for me to hot glue onto their stems. (I was worried that the texture of the glitter cardstock would not laminate well.  So I opted to hot glue them on top after the paper was laminated, this also gave the flower a neat texture)

Here is the finished product!  I think we are going to have some very happy moms at our Muffins with Mom party in a few weeks!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Hey everyone!  I'm Miss Kriss.  Let me start off by saying that this blog has been a long time coming...

I first started reading blogs in 2012 when I was searching for running costume ideas for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Searching for costume ideas in Google images lead me to discover running blogs.  Once I was introduced to the blogging community I discovered that there are blogs about anything and everything.  Then I hit the jackpot - I discovered teaching blogs.  I had never realized that most of the cute ideas I was pinning on Pinterest actually came from teacher's blogs.  I started following these blogs and felt inspired to try their tips and use some of their activities in my own classroom.

I have been so encouraged and inspired by others in the blogging community I knew I wanted to start my own.  Even if I am the only person who ever reads this blog, which is very possible, I am excited to record my teaching experiences.

Now...more about me!

I am a kindergarten teacher nearing the end of my eighth year teaching.  We have 5 weeks of school left and things are already getting a little hectic.  Who starts a blog during one of the busiest times of year for a teacher?  Oh yeah, that would be me! 

I grew up moving around constantly because my dad was in the Air Force.  My family settled in Tennessee right before I began high school and we've never left.  I love teaching and know with all my heart that God created me to be a teacher.  Growing up I was bossy, loved to talk, played school with my babysitters (the woes of being an only child), loved to read, and just plain loved school in general.  I didn't know it at the time, but I was destined to be a teacher.

So welcome to my little piece of the blog world.  I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

Miss Kriss

Here is me with Mickey!!  Did I mention that I am obsessed with Disney?