Friday, March 27, 2015

Disney's Princess Half Marathon 2015 - Part 2

Okay, mini Disney vacay is over.
Time for the race.
2am wakeup call!

I waited until the last minute to decide what I wanted to wear.
It was between Elsa again and the Cheshire Cat.

I decided to give Elsa another try, with a new shirt, since I didn't really have any race photos in it from Wine and Dine Half Marathon.
At 9pm the night before the race, my mom and I realized that we had forgotten to pick up our bracelets to get into the race retreat.
The race retreat is an extra you can purchase.  It gives you access to the race retreat before and after the race. 
Which means the before the race, you get -
-Food - I usually have a bagel and grab a PowerAde.  But I was not feeling well that morning at all.  So I ate nothing.
-An indoor place to sit or rest
-Separate bathrooms/porta potties
-character pictures
-separate bag check
After the race you get -
-Food - this time it's a hot breakfast - eggs, potatoes, etc.
-Massages - extra charge for this but so worth it
-character pictures
-separate bathrooms
-a gift - in the past its been princess flip flops, towel, etc
-a place to meet up with family or friends
-a place to check results - they have a live video feed of the finish line

 We were bummed, but there wasn't anything we could do about it right then.  But we did get up extra early in the morning and went down to the race retreat tent with our confirmation emails.
It was no big deal.  All we had to do was show our ID and they looked us up on the list.

I felt too sick to eat, but was glad to have a chair to sit on.
The beginning of this race was the worst so far.
Once again, I was having stomach issues and had a 99.8 temp when I left the hotel.  Seriously, I was having flashbacks to Wine and Dine Half.
But worse, my stomach was empty.
Standing in the corral, I was light headed and nauseous. As the first corrals were starting, I wasn't sure if I could make it.  So my plan was to get to the first medic tent and take myself off.  I was seriously worried that I would either start throwing up or collapse.  I started chewing Pepto tablets I had brought along with me.
My poor body, it was full of Pepto-Bismol, Immodium, and Tylenol.
I knew I needed something in my stomach, but didn't have any food on me, and had felt too sick to eat earlier.  Luckily I always run with a zillion things in my Sparkle Skirt's pockets.  And one of the things I always bring is a Cliff Shot.  They give these out at mile 8, but I always have one with me just in case. 
I'm so glad I had it.  I started slowing squeezing some into my mouth, a little at a time.  By the time I crossed the start line, I felt so much better!!
I love Cliff Shots, like Gu, you just squeeze them into your mouth and the gel dissolves.  The thought of chewing energy bites during a race does not appeal to me.  So this gel is perfect.
By mile 2, I felt great and started doing my normal run/walk intervals.


You can see my Powerade and my Cliff Shot in one hand, and my phone in the other ready to take castle pictures.
I ran the whole race with that Cliff Shot and squeezed a little in my mouth along the way.

Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff greeted us at the castle!

Which of course caused a huge back up in the castle.  But it was fine.

I was so glad when my feet started hurting because it wasn't my stomach.  And my feet always hurt when I run, so I was used to it.  I just couldn't believe how that little bit of Cliff Shot helped settle my stomach and give me the energy I needed to finish.

I love this poster!

"Costume watching' again!
I love this Lilo costume.

I was keeping up my run/walk intervals pretty well.  But it wasn't until we made this loop that I realized just how many people were behind me.



Almost there!

This is not my time.  Disney starts the clock when the elite runners take off.  I was in corral L, so I didn't cross the start line until almost an hour later.

Almost there!

I was so excited to finish!!
Can you tell?

The medic tent right across the finish line. 
All the people in the background are being taken care of medics.  So glad I didn't need to stop at one of these booths, but thankful they are there just in case.  And very thankful for the volunteers who take care of all of us runners!

After receiving my medal, I got sprinkled with pixie dust by a fairy godmother!

Back at the expo.
Grabbed some food and waited for my massage time.

Then we headed back to the hotel, clean up, took a nap, and went to the Magic Kingdom for some evening fast passes.

Mom finally got her Dole Whip!
I hear about these things all. year. long.

Leaving the Magic Kingdom.
Goodbye, until next year.

I had run out of Tylenol, so when we got back to the hotel I had to go buy some.  In the corner of the store there was this sign that you could sign if you participated in the Princess Half Weekend.  So mom wrote both of our names on there.

Bye Disney, its been magical!
Glass Slipper Challenge 2016, here I come!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Disney's Princess Half Marathon 2015 - Part 1

Half Marathon #6 - Disney's Princess Half Marathon
- February 22, 2015
Originally my mom and I were supposed to leave after school on Friday.  But then Tennessee had this crazy ice storm, then snow, so schools were closed the entire week.
As soon as we found out schools were closed all week, this was like Wednesday, we changed our plane tickets to leave first thing Friday morning instead of Friday evening.
And thank goodness we did!
Another winter storm came through Friday afternoon, and all flights out of Nashville after 12pm were canceled.  So we got out just in the nick of time.

The roads were completed covered with about and inch and a half of ice and then a couple of inchs of snow.

The parking lot at the Nashville airport was crazy icy!
I hope these people packed an ice scraper in their luggage.  The door was completely covered in ice.

We dropped our things off at the hotel and were at the expo first thing.


I had really been wanting a Run Disney MagicBand.  And I'm so glad I got one!

After getting our running bibs, and shopping of course, I finally ate my breakfast.
I love Au Bon Pain, in the Orlando airport.  But wasn't really hungry when we bought it.  So I ate about 4 hours later.
Then of course I had to get my Run Disney Instagram picture.

I actually got two this year, because they lost the first one.  So I went back and had another made.  And they found the first one.
Then we went back to the hotel and our room was ready!
We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter.
This is our absolute favorite resort!
We stayed here during our first princess half - 2013, and loved it.
It's just so peaceful and beautiful! 
Then I unpacked.
I never used to unpack my suitcase in a hotel room until I got these organizer cubes from the Container store.  Now,  when I get to my hotel, I can just take each cube out, unzip, tuck the flap under, and set the cube in the drawer.
I love it, because then I'm not rummaging around in my suitcase all the time looking for things.

So here's my clothes drawer:
undies and socks

And my running drawer!

 We grabbed some dinner at the hotel food court and then headed out to Downtown Disney.

I always love these Lego creations at Disney.

This is my "mom, hurry up and take the picture before I get in trouble" look.  

One special purchase from Downtown Disney was my new Run Disney Dooney and Burke wristlet!
This actually the pattern from the Marathon weekend in January, but I really loved this pattern.

My expo goodies!
I never have very good self control at the expos.

The next morning, Saturday, we got up and got the park first thing in the morning.
The best time to get to the Magic Kingdom is first thing.  We rode Peter Pan, twice, Haunted Mansion, twice, It's a Small World, twice, Pirates of the Caribbean, twice; all before our 10:30 lunch reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant.
The Peter Pan ride in the afternoon will usually have an 80 min wait.  So there's almost no way you could ride all those rides in one day, unless that was all you did.
Peter Pan has always been my favorite ride!
I love flying above London and Neverland!
Well Peter Pan has a new interactive queue!
It was fabulous!




 Sorry that some pictures are blurry.  I would try to hurry up and take the picture if I heard someone coming behind me.

I loved this shadow part.  There were little shadow butterflies dancing around.

And of course, my mom was trying to catch them.

It's a Small World.
I know many people think this ride is annoying... But I love it!

Haunted Mansion

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sadly, the Little Mermaid ride was closed for refurbishing.
Or we probably would have road that ride twice too.
Next came Be Our Guest Restaurant.

We've eaten here before too.
I love it!

This time we decided to eat in the Grand Ballroom.
Last time we ate in the Castle Gallery.

I had the braised pork and the Master's Cupcake again.

The servers push the food around on carts, just like in the movie.

Um, yes, I will take one of everything please.

This is mom's Lemon Raspberry Cream Puff

And my Master's Cupcake.
Try the "grey stuff" it's delicious!

Pictures of the Castle Gallery.

Sadly, my pictures of the West Wing didn't turn out this time.

I forgot to take pictures of the entrance on the way in, so I took some on our way out.

Next, we had fast passes for Toy Story, but we first we stopped by the hotel for a minute.

And found this cute little towel animal left by Mousekeeping.
And I got to eat this awesome peanut butter cookie I bought from Magic Kingdom.
It was huge!
And looked like it had been scooped by an ice cream scooper.

Hollywood Studios!
The ring in the background is what was left of the sorcerers hat :(

The queue.

Let's get down to business.
Next up is the actual Princess Half Marathon race!