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It's summer!!

So far my summer has consisted of catching up on my DVR and cleaning the house.  I am too much of a multi-tasker to just sit around watch TV though.  So while my shows are playing I've been busy finding new ideas for next school year on Pinterest.  So I thought I'd do a post about 5 new things I plan on introducing in my classroom next year.

What a nifty idea for organizing all of my bulletin board letters!  I love this idea. 

What a great idea for when subs, student teachers, or even new parent volunteers come into your classroom.  My kids are constantly tearing their nametags off their tables, so this would definitely help a sub or volunteer coming into my classroom for the day.

Source - Unknown: There was no active link on the picture.  
All I know is that I pinned this picture from one of Miss Kindergarten's boards.

I can't stand naked clothespins! Yuck.  I cover our behavior chart and transportation clothespins with scrapbook paper.  But this would be a great idea for the pins used to hang student work in the hallway.  This is the next project on my list.

Source - Kinder-Craze Blog

Oh let me count the ways that I love this... I love all the colors.  I love the idea of having the pennant banners up all year but changing out the student suncatcher art with each month/season.  I am all about decorating for each season so this makes me very happy.  I already have each month's suncatcher craft picked out for next year.  And I love that this is an easy cute way to display student work.

I too have an entire wall of windows and can never figure out what to do with them.  I've tried vinyl clings.  They always fall off.  I've used Gel Gems.  Which I love but if you leave them up too long they get little bugs stuck in them and get gooey.  Yuck!  This is a much cheaper and cleaner alternative.

Source - Kindergarten Smiles

Like almost everyone now-a-days in kindergarten, I too have a behavior clip chart.  I love that students can have a second chance if they make a poor choice early in the day and I love that it rewards good choices.
What drew me to this particular pin was the Star Student board over to the side of the behavior chart.  BTW- this is from Kindergarten Smiles, a blog that I have recently found and fallen in love with.  So these are her ideas not mine. 
Each student in the class has a star with his/her name on it.  At the end of the day, students whose clips are on blue get 1 sticker put on their star, students whose clips are on pink get 2 stickers, and students whose clips are on purple get 3 stickers.  Whenever a student gets 10 stickers on their star, they get a treat from the treasure box.
If a student gets to the top and gets to move their clip up again, the teacher clips that child's clip onto her name badge.  If the clip remains there for the rest of the day, that student will get a diamond glued onto their clip.  I haven't met my kids for next school year yet, but I'm sure they'd be down with this idea.

So those are my top 5 new things I want for my classroom. 

Something else that will new to my classroom next year are these super cute monthly subway art pages.  

And yes I'm partial to them, because I made them.  I love all the colors, fonts, and of course the clipart.

Included in this set are 12 (1 for each month) pages with a black background.  I love the colors on the black background.  I will be taking mine to Staples to print on cardstock so I can save my ink and they'll be more durable.

And 12 (1 for each month) pages with a white background.  This is the ink saver version.

I plan on printing the entire black set during the summer and storing them throughout the year.  When I am ready to display one, I'll put it in a cute frame, then when the month is finished, I'll switch it out with the next month's page.  I'll post a picture when I get it set up.

This is everything included in the set. 
If you want to check it out, click here - Monthly/Seasonal Subway Art

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