Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kid-Made ABC Books

Last summer I was looking for some new ideas to incorporate into my classroom and stumbled upon this great idea.  I found it while reading Miss Kindergarten’s blog.  Check her out here
It’s an ABC book that the kids make for themselves. 
This set includes several different things but I only used the cover page and the tracing letter pages.
This is the neatest concept and I wish I had thought of it myself.
Here’s what I did:
·      Copy the tracing letter sheets for my students (we did 1-2 letters per week depending on what letters we were learning that week)
·      Use the instruction page, included with each letter, to help you cut out the pieces for each letter craft.  (This was super easy because you only cut the construction paper into different sized squares and rectangles.  The kids cut these shapes to create the pictures)
·      We completed each page together as a class – but you could easily turn it into a center if you wanted by providing a completed copy of each craft for the kids to look at as an example.
o   The instruction page for each letter also gives directions on how to cut each paper to turn it into the craft.
o   I showed my students step-by-step where and how to cut (I used a document camera so they could see how I cut each piece)
·      I then filed away their pages into their own file, labeled with their name, for the majority of the year.

·      After Spring Break I started putting each child’s pages in order and made a list of who was missing pages so that we could make them  (Next year I will do make-up pages as we go… I had no idea how many pages I would be making up and it took a lot longer than I had anticipated)
·      Then I bought binder combs from Staples

·      Used our trusty old binding machine to punch holes in the pages and attach the binding combs to each booklet

·      And created our ABC books

Here are some pictures of the finished pages.

I am so excited to be sending these ABC books home with my kids after our awards program.  I think these will be special for the children and their parents because all the tracing and cutting was completed by them.
I hope this is something the parents will hang on to and enjoy even when their child is grown.
This craft is available in Miss Kindergarten's TpT Store - 
Check it out here: Easy Crafts from A-Z

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