Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to make a Classroom Slideshow - Part Six

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Part Six - Burning DVDs and Putting on the Finishing Touches 
We are in the home stretch... Your DVD content is all put together.  The only thing left to do is burn the DVDs and get them ready to give away!

Step 1 - Get all your supplies together 
There are some supplies you will need to buy to finish your DVDs.
I bought my blank DVDs and sleeves at Walmart.  (It was cheaper to buy the 100 pack of DVDs so that's what I did)  I also make sure to buy the DVD+R.  If you buy the DVD+RW, your DVD will be rewritable, meaning that someone can burn some else over your slideshow, and you don't want that.
I also pick up some handy address labels while I'm at Walmart.  These are super easy to use... Just go to the Avery website, its listed on the package, type the product number in the template search bar, and you can download a free template to help you make your labels.
I also like to set up a little DVD burning station for myself.  That way as you have all the things you need together and you don't have to go searching around the house when you need something. 

Step 2 - Burning the DVDs
This is actually one of the easiest parts of the whole entire process.  Just open your iDVD project and insert a blank DVD into your computer.  A menu will pop up asking if you want to view your blank DVD in finder.  Click yes. 

Then, on your iDVD menu screen, click the button beside the play button.  Look at the picture to see where this is located.  Right now its gray but once you click it it will start flashing and turn yellow and black.

The first DVD will take the longest to burn.  Anywhere between 15-45 min.  Don't worry, you wont have to wait that long for each DVD to burn.

Almost finished!
This is my special DVD helper Hallie!  She diligently laid beside my computer while I burned 35 DVDs.
Sorry for the grainy looking picture, I had to take it with my phone.  Every time I tried to take a screen shot it would mess up the DVD it was burning.  Whoops!

When your DVD is finished burning, it will pop out and this message will appear on your screen.  If you want to make more DVDs, Do Not Click Done.  If you click done and then want to burn another DVD, it will take the long amount of time to burn again.  

Instead, take out the burned DVD and replace it with a new blank one, it will automatically start burning.  This time the burning process will take 3-5 min to burn each consecutive DVD. (Depending on how long your slideshow is)

I like to put labels on my DVDs and put them in to sleeves right away.

Step 3 - Putting on the Finishing Touches
Your DVDs are all burned and ready to go!  Right?
This year I decided that my DVDs needed a cute little gift tag to go with them, so I made some.
After printing the gift tags I found some twine to attach them to the DVD sleeve.  (You don't have to use twine.  You could use ribbon, string, yarn, or anything else you have lying around the house.)  I just punched a hole in the corner of the DVD sleeve and gift tag, then attached them together with the twine.

I was very pleased with how these turned out.

These gift tags are definitely not essential, they just give the DVD that extra something special.  They are available for purchase in my TpT store if you want to use them as well.

The above picture shows all the gift tags available in the set.  Two quotes come on camera gift tags and two quotes come on gift tags with kids holding cameras.  There are also black and white versions of each one in case you don't have access to color ink.


Thank you so much for reading my step by step process of how I make a classroom slideshow!  I hope it will help you.

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