Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cleaning out the Classroom

Today is the first official day of summer!!  

Can I get an amen!

It doesn't feel like summer break just yet, but I know it will soon.  I've spent the last few days cleaning out my classroom and getting everything put away.  Our floors are waxed during summer break so we have to move everything we can off the floor.  

For me this means piling as much stuff as I can onto my counter.

I have way too much stuff!

The sad part is that most of my stuff has been crammed into filing cabinets, cupboards, or is sitting in my car right now waiting to go to its summer home in my garage.

I also go ahead and cover all of bulletin boards so they don't get dusty or faded from the sunlight.  I have an entire wall of just windows.

My classroom now reminds me of a ghost sad.

I never realize how dirty and dusty the top of my desk gets until I take all my things off of it.  And yes, I totally tape my desk drawers shut.  I do not want people going through my things.

I know that it wont be long before its July and I'm back in there putting my classroom back together again.  

So its bye-bye for now classroom... see you in July!

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