Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer

Hey everyone, I'm linking up with Deanna on her blog Mrs. Jump's Class.  This is my first link up and I am super excited about it!!

Yesterday was my first official day of summer and I spent the entire day watching DVDs and cleaning. What a way to start off summer vacation!  The end of the year is so busy.  I always refer to it as a marathon because it just keeps going and going.  Then when school does finally end, I spend several days recuperating and not doing much of anything.

So to get me motivated here is my of ten things I want to do this summer:

1.  Catch up on my favorite shows!

My DVR is 85% full because I didn't have any time to watch my shows during the last 3 weeks of school.

So ambitious, I know.  But I'm a multi-tasker, so I figure I can get other things done while my shows are playing in the background.

2.  Read!!  

I love to read.  But when I get really into a book, I can't put it down, and then I end up staying up way to late on a school night, which in turn makes me super crabby.  So I've been on a bit of a book hiatus during the last week or so.  


This is the last book in the Mortal Instruments series, and it comes out next week.  I am super pumped!!

3.  Work on this blog!  

I'm only about a month into blogging and I have a lot of questions on how to do things.  So I want to spend some time researching how to do these things.

And by researching...I mean Google.
 And maybe search for some YouTube tutorials as well.

4.  Organize my clipart files... They are a little out of control and I have no idea what clipart I have.

5.  Make things from Pinterest that are not for my classroom!

Like this...
or this
My dad was in the Air Force until I was 14, so I've lived in several different places.  I thought it would be neat to make one of these for each state/country I've lived in and then make a cute collage from the frames.

6.  Spend some time with these precious fur babies!

Snuggle time with the kitties.
Long walks and car rides with the doggies.

7.  Ice Skating!!
Once upon a time, taking figure skating lessons was on my summer bucket list.  Fast forward three years later and I'm still at it.  What was supposed to be a "summer thing" has turned into my new favorite hobby/sport.  My first figure skating test is in August, so hopefully I can get some extra practice time in before then.

8.  Start training for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon.
This is not my first Run Disney event, its *ahem* my 5th, but it is the first time I will run in the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  The only reason I wanted to do this particular Half is because of this...

Disney at still my heart!

My mom and I run all of the Run Disney events together.  So for the Christmas run I decided we needed to coordinate.  She's thrilled.

My mom is going to be Anna from Frozen.

And I'm going to be Elsa!
These may not be typical running attire.  But this is Disney and you should see the crazy stuff people wear in these races.  I'm talking full on leftover polyester Halloween costumes.  Seriously just google images for Run Disney races and you will see the madness that is Run Disney.  

So these are actually pretty appropriate considering the tops are moisture wicking running shirts and the skirts are actually Sparkle Skirts with shorts that are also made from moisture wicking material.

9.  Sign up for the Glass Slipper Challenge when it goes on sale in July.

 I've ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon, twice.  But I'm ready for the challenge of running a 10K on Saturday morning and a Half Marathon on Sunday morning.  All at Disney World!  And yes you get three for the 10K, one for the Half, and one for the Challenge.  

This is me running in the Princess Half Feb 2014.

And last but not least...

10.  I'm going to Vegas!!!
 I'm going to Vegas for the first ever TpT conference and I am super excited.  I started selling classroom materials on TpT last July, but then when school got busy in September I didn't post anything else until the beginning of May.  Now I have all these awesome ideas for things I want to make and share.  So I figured I'd better figure out how to do this thing the right way and learn all about it from the experts.  I'm also going to some sessions on blogging.  Can't wait!

I'm ready for this fabulous summer to get started already!

Now hop back on over to Mrs. Jump's Class and see what everyone else is doing this summer!


  1. Seriously jealous about your Disney runs! It looks like sooooo much fun. Too bad I don't live closer, I would love to have the opportunity to run one. Good luck with blogging and have fun in Vegas (another bout of jealousy).

    1. Disney runs are a blast! You should totally considering participating in one. I've met people who come all the way from Canada to run in them. Thanks for the good luck. So far I'm loving blogging!

  2. Oh my gosh! Disney Runs are my dream! I've vacationed a ton at Disney - so I've got a goal to run one of these races sometime! I just hate that I'd have to take time off of school to do any of them! haha

    1. Disney runs are possible to do without out taking a lot of time off work. You just have to be very strategic about when you fly down and how long you stay. A weekend might not seem like much time to spend at Disney, but at the end of dreary February (the Princess Half is in Feb.) it can be just what you need to help perk up. For the Wine & Dine in Nov. I am only taking one day off. I am flying down Thursday evening after school, I'll spend Friday at the expo and the parks, the race is Saturday, and then I fly home Sunday. Mini-vacay!