Saturday, January 3, 2015

Snowman Glitter Ornaments

These were just too cute not to share.
Plus I need to document how I made these cuties because I know I will forget by next year.
A classroom parent came to me a week before school let out for break and told me he had enough plastic ball ornaments for every kid in my class if I wanted to do a fun project.
Um, yes please!
You don't turn down free craft supplies.
I had pinned a super cute Santa ball ornament on Pinterest, so I went to Walmart to buy supplies with it in mind.
This was the original pin.
So adorable right?
Then I got to Walmart and they were out of red glitter.
But then I remembered this pin.
It looked a bit easier than the Santa ornament and Walmart had really pretty iridescent white glitter.
So my Santa ornament became a snowman.
I did this activity during centers so that the other kids would be occupied while I made ornaments with 2 kids at a time.

First I wrote each child's name on an ornament with a black Sharpie.

Then I squirted a little bit of Pledge Floor Care into them.
This suggestion was from the original Santa ornament pin.
Super great idea!
It was clear and made the glitter really stick.  I only used a little, so I'll plenty left for next year.

I gently swished the Pledge all around the inside of the ornament so that it coated the entire inside.
Then I set it upside down on a cup so extra liquid could drain out.

Next I used an old funnel to pour glitter inside.
The glitter stuck to the Pledge really well!
So well that by the time I got to student 18 out of 20, I had used an entire 4oz bottle of glitter.  Luckily I had some extra glitter tucked away that was almost identical.
Next year I will buy the big bottle of glitter.

I put the lid back on and let my students shake their ornament so the glitter would stick all over the inside walls.
I then checked to make sure glitter was coated evenly inside the ornament.
Poured the little bit of glitter not stuck to the inside back into the glitter jar.

Next came the decorations.
I had intended to use an orange paint pen for my kids to draw a carrot nose onto their ornaments.  But sadly Walmart was out of orange paint pens.  Seriously!  They needed to restock their craft supplies section.
So instead I found a package of sticky glitter foam.  It came with lots of colors that I'm sure I'll use later.  But for now I just used the orange.  I cut a small strip off one of the sides and then made diagonal cuts so that I ended up with a bunch of little triangles.

The kids then chose and placed a nose on the snowman.  And used a black sharpie to draw coal eyes and mouth.

I noticed they had trouble getting the dots thick, so they were a little hard to see.  Next year I will shop early and get a black paint pen instead of a sharpie.

Then as we were finishing up I realized I should probably put some form of ribbon on the top of the ornament so the kids could hang them up.  Duh!
Luckily I had some wrapping ribbon stored away on one of my shelves.

They turned out super cute!
I tucked each snowman away into a paper lunch bag, stapled the top, wrote each student's name on the outside, and sent them home.
I was very impressed with my craftiness.
Until I saw this new pin on Pinterest from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

Ah!  So cute!!
I will need to make more glitter snowmen next year and give them ear muffs.
And of course she was way craftier and sent the ornaments home in a cute bag with a little gift tag.
I will be borrowing this idea next year!

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