Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My New Printer

Over break I bought a new printer!  YAY!!
I have been researching one for a long time.
I've been checking out everyone's blogs and seeing what they use and reading reviews on Amazon.
So I bit the bullet and bought one.
It came last Saturday.
But instead of setting it up, I spent all weekend watching The Walking Dead marathon.
I finally had time to set it up this weekend.  It didn't really take that long to set it up.  I just had to clean out a place for it.  It's a bit heavy at 40lbs.
I have wanted a laser printer for a LONG time.  I go through way to many ink cartridges on my classroom inkjet.
I know the price of a laser printer and the prices of the toner cartridges are a little intimidating.  But I think in the long run, this will be more cost efficient for me.
It's an HP Pro 200 M251nw
So it wasn't crazy expensive for a laser printer, nor are the toner cartridges crazy expensive. 

Please excuse the dust.

I have been printing up a storm!
I used an entire pack of cardstock.  And when I checked my toner levels, everything was at 90%.
For me to have printed that much on my inkjet, I would have had to change the black and color cartridges at least twice!  Probably more.
And the colors are so much crisper, not to mention the fact that it prints way faster than an inkjet. 
And it's wireless!!
My inkjet is obviously not.  So for me to print I would have to wait until I got to school, plug it up, cross my fingers that I had enough ink, and print.  It would usually take a little while, so my computer would pretty much be out of commission while I was printing.
Now I can create something on my computer while sitting in my chair watching TV and print.  (I totally did that last night when I decided at 11:30pm that I needed a cute new cover for DIBELS binder)
How cool is that?!
If you are an avid TpT buyer like me and love to buy posters, centers, or anything else; you need one of these in your life!

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