Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 New Years Activities

What a week!
Last year, the first week back at school, we had 4 snow days due to lots of snow and crazy low temps.  This year, we had crazy low temps and a tiny bit of snow.
And even though every county around mine was closed due to a wind chill warning on Thursday, we went to school.
And did I mention I had car duty?
So guess who got to load and unload car riders in 0 degree wind chill?
How did I get so lucky?
Good thing I had bought an awesome new coat from North Face!
If you are from the North you're probably thinking "suck it up." 
But I was born in Florida, then moved to Las Vegas, Southern Georgia, the Republic of Panama, and California, before moving to Tennessee.  So I've never lived above the Mason Dixon line and my body is just not made for cold.  Bless you people with your negative temperatures.  Definitely not for me.
It wasn't really so bad.  You do what you gotta do right?
So the first day back to school was um. Interesting!
Everything was going so smoothly.  My kids were behaving great.
And then on the way back from lunch, one of my kids pulled the fire alarm.
Oh my!
We were paused in the hallway, almost back to our classroom, and she pulled one that was tucked behind a door frame, so I couldn't see.
I thought lunch time was a crazy time to have a fire drill.  But I walked my kids to the door, and sent them to the fence while I closed my classroom door and my neighbor's door.  When I caught up with my kids, they were all screaming that M had pulled the fire alarm.
When I saw the look on her face, I knew immediately that she had. 
What a day!
Thankfully the rest of the week was less eventful.
Here are some New Years activities we did this past week.
This first one is a freebie from Deanna Jump.
Click here to check it out.
I prepped while we were still on Christmas Break by printing, laminating, and cutting.

The glasses were a bear to cut out.
But they turned out so cute, they were worth it.

I bought some food skewers from the cooking section in Walmart (probably the only time in the last 5 years I've been in that section of the store).  Then used masking tape to attach them to the props.

Easy and ready to go!
Then I found some leftover material that I had originally used as the background on my calendar wall, and stapled it onto the bulletin board in my hallway.

Super cute and easy backdrop.
Way easier than bulletin board paper.
Then we worked on a little New Years Resolution page I created.
I found lots of great ones on TpT.  But in the end I made my own.
I totally had to justify the cute New Years Whimsy Clips clipart I had just bought, right?
Me in 2015 - Questions/Goals
- Something new I want to learn
- Something I want to do better
- Something I can do to help at home
- Something I can do to help at school
I displayed an example of the page on my Promethean Board and we worked on one box at a time.  While they drew and colored, I came around and wrote their answers. 
I love how they turned out!

My students could have written their own answers, but our time was a little limited that day.

I don't have this posted in my TpT store.  So if you're interested just drop me an email and I can send it to you. 
Then we worked on our number sense with this fun freebie from Teaching Times 2.
Click here to check it out.

I love my little document camera set up. 
I got my camera at the end of last year.  So this little table and such are all new additions.  It's right beside my Promethean Board.
Most of my kids could probably have completed this activity on their own.  But we still worked on it together.

My kids love anything that involves coloring!

We did the numbers part together and then I let them color all the rest black on their own.

All in all, we had a great first week back to school.
Still praying for a snow day though!


  1. Oh my! A fire alarm puller! Those are cute photo props! Hoping you get a snowy soon. (I haven't had one yet, you can hope for me too!)

  2. When my husband was little, his younger brother pulled the fire alarm at NASA. He said there were guys in white suits swarming immediately. His little brother cried so the firemen let him ride on the fire truck. Did the fire fighters actually respond to your alarm? YIKES.