Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hooray for the 100th Day!

This school year has gone by super fast.  It's hard to believe that we are already at the 100th day mark!

We celebrated our 100th day on Thursday and we had a blast!
In the past I have planned way too many things to do on this day and would end up stressing myself out trying to fit everything in.
So this year I decided to just do a couple of my favorite 100th day activities and enjoy the day.
We started off by coloring 100th day crowns from this set I purchased on TpT.
39 different seasonal and holiday crowns for $5.  Totally worth it in my opinion. 
(Click the picture if you want to check our this set.)

After the kids finished coloring and cutting their crowns, I stapled them together.
Sadly, I forgot to get pictures of my students coloring the crowns, but you can see my kids wearing the finished products in my pictures.
Then we took pictures with our 100th day poster I made last weekend.  Click here to see my blog post on how I printed and assembled this poster.

I took a picture of each child wearing their crown and holding our 100th day poster. These posters are then going to go on a 100th day page that I'll put in their end of the year book.

Here's an example of what they'll look like!

While my kids were working on their crowns, I got paper plates ready with 10 different colors of paint.

I made one plate for each table.
Then I passed out unsharpened pencils, a 100th day paper, and a paper towel to all my kids.
I called out a color, the students dipped there pencil into the paint, and dabbed 10 dots in a section of their paper.
We continued this way for all 10 sections.

My kids were cracking me up!
They kept trying to guess which color I was going to choose next.

My little perfectionist trying to make sure each dot has an equal amount of paint.

When we switched colors, the kids just wiped their pencil off on the paper towel.

When we finished our 100 dots, our hands and desks were a little messy.
So after we put our papers on the counter to dry and cleaned up our tables, I passed out a baby wipe to everyone.  They cleaned their hands and their tables.
Less mess for me to clean up!
I have several 100th day of school books.
But this one is my favorite!
Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Then we worked on these cute 100th day pages from this set.
(Click the picture to check out this set.)
Lots of cute activities!

We worked on one section at a time just like when we made our 2015 page.
While they colored, I came around and wrote their answer.

I'm not sure if you can read the titles of all the sections, but clockwise from the top left they say "If I had $100, I would buy..." "I would love to eat 100..." "I wouldn't like to eat 100..." and "This is me when I'm 100 years old."

No, I would not like to 100 pieces of mud either.

Nor would I want to eat 100 stinky socks!
These are definitely going in their end of the year books!
About a week in advance I told my kids that anyone who could count to 100 for me on the 100th day, would get a $100 bill.  Not a real one of course.
I reminded them each day to be practicing at home.
Even if they had already counted to 100 for me, which several kids have been able to do for awhile now, everyone would have to count to 100 to get the prize.

So like I expected, my ones who had already mastered the skill of counting to 100 did so, but I was pleasantly surprised that several who had previously not been able to were able to count to 100!
Everyone who counted to 100 earned their $100 bill and I wrote a little message on the back of each one.

I had wanted to get a picture with all my kids that counted to 100 and their $100 bills, but I forgot.  Whoops!
So I got a picture with just my bus riders instead.
Overall, we had a great day!
I really liked that I didn't over plan and therefore overwhelm myself.
So next year I think I'll do the same as this year, just pick out a few of my favorite activities and enjoy the day with my kiddos!
Happy 100th day!

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