Friday, February 13, 2015

Kindergarten Assessments - Halfway through the Year

Back in August I did a blog post showing how I use my Kindergarten Beginning of the Year Assessment to determine where my incoming kindergarteners stand in different academic skills.
At the beginning of the year, my kindergarten team and I give this assessment to all incoming kindergarteners.  That way we can get a snapshot as to what skills each student has mastered and which need some more work.
So when it came time for our winter conferences, instead of reinventing the wheel, I decided to pull these assessments out and reassess my students on skills that they missed at the beginning of the year, just to see how far they've come.
Click here to see my full blog post about these assessments.
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I used a different color marker this time (blue was used in August, purple in January) so that the parents and myself could see their child's growth in each area, or lack-thereof.
The kids were so excited to see how much they had improved during the first half of the school year!

This sweet girl is struggling to count to 100, but can recognize all the numbers to 20.  Go figure!
She has made so much progress, still has a long way to go, but is improving!
Aug - counted to 3
Jan - counted to 12
Aug - wrote numbers to 1
Jan - wrote numbers to 10
Aug - could not touch and count objects to 10
Jan - was able to touch and count objects to 10
Lots of progress going on here!
And it makes such a difference when you see the 2 assessments together on one page, as opposed to flipping back and forth between 2 different ones.

Here's where things got really good!
Aug - recognized 2 letters
Jan - recognized 43 (upper and lowercase)
Aug - identified 0 letter sounds
Jan - identified 14 letter sounds
Yay!  This little one's parents have been rocking the letters and sounds practice at home.
So even though this is called a "Beginning of the Year Assessment."  It is totally appropriate to use throughout the year.
Especially to see growth in those fundamental kindergarten skills of your struggling learners. 
Being able to see for myself and show the parents and child how far they've come is awesome!  And this little girl has started working so much harder because now because she has seen for herself how much she can improve!

This next piece to my winter conferences was a new find!
A student self evaluation!
What a neat idea!
My kids were hilarious filling these out; we did them one-on-one.
They really did try to think out each statement and they didn't even try to fudge on their rating of themselves, because they knew I'd call them out!
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In August, I met with every family.  This time I only met with family's that I needed to speak with, if you catch my drift.
My parents really enjoyed seeing the progress that their child was making, compared with the beginning of the year, and the student self evaluations were a hit.  The parents loved them!

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