Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kindergarten Data Packs

Each year we are asked by our principal to send assessments and data onto the next grade level.  This helps the next year's teacher get an idea of where each student left off the last year.
So here are our kindergarten data packs for first grade.

Of course I had to make us a cute cover page.
The border is from Graphics from the Pond and the fonts are KG Fonts.

First, we included a copy of each student's kindergarten report card.
A few years ago I typed up an exact copy of our report card so that we could record our data directly onto the pages during testing.  We then transfer the information to each student's report card.  This has helped in cases where a report card is lost because we will have a back up copy.

In case you're wondering, the X means the student mastered the skill.  A / would mean that the skill was not mastered.  That's why this student has so many Xs.

Then we included a copy of their last STAR Early Literacy test.
I've actually had these K data packs ready for a few weeks, I've just been waiting on the results of this test.

I also included an example of how far they could write to 100.
This page is from my 100s Chart Activities.
We've been using this set a lot to practice writing numbers to 100.

And then we included a writing sample.
After the pack were all together, I tucked each student's down into their permanent record.  Their first grade teacher will take it out at the beginning of next year.
Our principal wanted each student to write a 5-6 sentence paragraph, but we talked her down to 4 sentences.
I love this writing activity.
It's a sticker story from Miss Kindergarten's All Done! Now What? pack.
I bought the bundle last spring and loved the sticker story activity.  So I decided to use it again as our writing sample.

I bought these stickers for our sticker stories last year at Hobby Lobby, they were 50% off, and pulled them out again this year to use.

I called each student back to my reading table and let them pick out their sticker and place it in the box.
I actually did this part while they were eating snack.
Then we discussed how they could draw a picture around the sticker to show a scene.  We discussed different ideas for what they could draw around the different types of stickers.
Then I passed out the papers and let them color.
Later during centers, my assistant and I called them up one at a time to write their sticker stories.

We talked about how their sentences had to be about their picture.

Some students needed a little prompting when it came to thinking up 4 sentences about their picture, but most did great on their own and came up with some really fun stories.

This might be one of my favorites.  This little girl is the second youngest in my entire class and such a great writer.  She wrote this all on her own with no help from me.
Allie -
The cupcake smells good.
I made them.
You should try one.
They taste so good.
(She needs to be in marketing one day)

Alissa Kate -

The butterfly is in the meadow.
They are flying to their flowers.
They want to eat pollen.
Then they will play.

Joshua -
The elephant is in his cage.
The lion jumped out of his cage.
He tried to jump into the elephants cage.
But he didn't make it.
(and yes, his drawing shows a lion smacking his head into the cage)

Connor -
This is a gumball machine.
If you put money in it you will get gum.
I like bubble gum the best.

Skylar -
I went to the store.
I bought a popsicle.
I put it in my fridge
Then I ate one.

Payton -
I have candy.
They have wrappers.
The yellow ones taste like lemon.
My candy is colorful.

Shayla -
I see a giraffe.
Giraffes live in Africa.
Giraffes eat leaves.
I like giraffes because they have tall necks.

Kylie -
I like ice cream.
Cookie dough is my favorite.
This is an ice cream truck.
You can buy ice cream there.

Dominic -
I want to eat ice cream.
Chocolate is my favorite.
I like sprinkles on top.
Ice cream tastes good.
These turned out so well that I made a copy to include in my K data pack and then put the original in their Year End Books.

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