Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother's Day Craft

I know Mother's Day isn't for another week, but I wanted to share this cute craft we made for our moms!

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
I loved our little handprint flowers we made last year.  (Click here to check them out)  But I have a little sibling of a student I had last year.  So I wanted to change things up.
I bought this "Recipe for a Great Mom" craftivity set from Bilingual Scrapbook on TpT.  Click here to check it out.  And one really cool thing about this set and all of Bilingual Scrapbook's sets, is that there is an English version and a Spanish version.  How cool is that?!

First I grabbed some fun scrapbook paper I already had on hand. 
I love buying these scrapbook paper packs from Hobby Lobby when they are 50% off.  So worth it!

First, I printed the patterns on 85% because I realized that I could fit 2 of the skirt patterns on 1 scrapbook page if I did so.  Otherwise I would have had to use 1 whole page per skirt pattern.  I hate keeping up with scraps, so I didn't want to do that.
I picked out my 10 favorite paper patterns and had our kindergarten assistant cut out 20 choices for skirts.  Then the kids were called up one at a time to choose one for their mom.
Next, my assistant cut the top part of the apron out of the pretty pearlescent paper to coordinate.
I love that paper!!! 
It's not glittery, I do have glittery paper but this isn't it.
I love how it shimmers and it's sooo pretty!
So in case you couldn't follow all of the arrows on the above picture.  The pattern the kids chose was used to make the skirt and neck strap (or as my kids refer to it, the handle).  The coordinating pearlescent paper was then used to make the top of the apron and the lace trim at the bottom.
The pockets and the white band around the middle were printed on white cardstock.
I just taped everything together because I knew I was going to run them through the school laminator.

Usually I let my kids put their own crafts together.  But I thought it might be wise to do this one myself.

Then I had the kids write out their recipe for a great mom!

We have been working really hard on our writing this year and my kids are doing so well.
But I was in a bit of a time crunch with my assistant, I only get her 2 mornings a week, and so I needed to get all of these aprons finished before she had to go to the next teacher.  So we were each working with a student while my university practicum teacher was teaching.  My practicum student Miss Kelly is awesome by the way!

And we made a little cheat sheet to help them.

I know my kids can write well and they get plenty of practice, so I wasn't too hard on myself for providing them with the correct spellings.

And they turned out way cute!!
I think having support with spelling really helped my kids concentrate on their handwriting.  Because that is something that a lot of mine struggle with.

The finished products are ready to go!
Now I just have to store them for a few weeks and not forget where I stored them :)

There are also some additional activities included with this set.
I like this one the best, but there were several choices.

I worked on this activity with the kids by myself during center time, so I wasn't rushed, and let my kids sound out their own words.

I wrote on the back of each students paper what they said, just in case my moms aren't as familiar with reading invented spelling as I am.
Her name is Jar "Jessica"
Her favorite food is dorntoz "doritos"
She is the best because I love hr "her"

Here name is Donu "Donna"
Her favorite food is salib "salad"
She is the best because she is nis "nice"

Her name is mom (this cracks me up)
Her favorite food is brwnes "brownies" - I thought that was pretty good invented spelling!
She is the best because she cks binr "cooks dinner"
I hope my moms love these as much as I do when they come for our Mother's Day Tea Party in 2 weeks.
At our tea party:
  • We are going to dress up (full on tea party attire with hats and gloves is a must)
  • Eat Danish wedding cookies and drink sweet tea
  • Read the story "The Night Before Mother's Day"
  • Debut our Kindergarten 2015 Slideshow (I just finished our grade level slideshow yesterday)
  • And give our mothers our apron crafts and writing papers
I'll post pictures of our Mother's Day tea party the weekend after.  I am super excited!
I'm also really excited to show our moms and the kids a sneak peak of our kindergarten slideshow!
We sell these for $10 a piece and use the money to help us with kindergarten expenses (water day, thanksgiving feast, Christmas party, etc)  But they wont go home until after our Music/Awards Program on May 19.
If you've always wanted to make a class slideshow, but didn't know how, check out my six part blog series I posted last May to help.  Each post includes step-by-step instructions.  Click here to check out the first part.
I can't believe May and the end of school are just around the corner.
In the next couple of weeks we are going to work on some report card and end-of-year testing, luckily our testing wont be standardized, and some fun year end activities!
So stay tuned!!

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