Sunday, April 26, 2015

Earth Day

Last Wednesday was Earth Day!
So of course I had to sport my fabulous Earth Day shirt that I wear exactly 1 time each year.

Then we read a few stories about Earth Day and worked on our Earth Day books, which you can find here.

Last week we learned about space and the planets.  So my kids were super excited to color our Earth using the "right" colors.  They loved explaining to each other that the blue was water and the green was land.

I love using my document camera for things like this.  It makes life so much easier.

Then Smokey the Bear came for a visit.
I totally forgot until I was seating my kids in the playroom, that one of my girls is crazy scared of people in animal costumes. (She makes her mom do a complete circle of Chik-fil-a before she'll go in, just to make sure the cow isn't out visiting the customers)
So her and I sat in the hallway where she could see, but we could make a quick exit to my classroom if she got too scared.
So this picture was taken while we were sitting in the hallway, and her arms were locked around my neck.  But she wanted to try and stay. 
That is major progress for her.

Then she said she wanted to go and take her picture with him for the newspaper. 
She lasted long enough for me to take a picture, proof of this experience for her mother, before we were back to the hallway.

After meeting Smokey, the rest of my students were supposed to walk down the hallway back to our classroom, but they decided to hang out with me and B on the floor instead.
Love how much these kiddos support one another!

Smokey gave each student a pine tree branch to take home and plant.  And he gave each teacher one to plant on our school property.  But we know that the mowers think their job is the Indy 500, so the poor pine trees probably wouldn't make it.  So they were planted at home instead.
All in all, we had a fun and fabulous Earth Day! 

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