Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Grade Rocks!

So far, first grade is pretty SUPER!
I thought I'd share our first grade cluster area today.
I love the cluster layout.
We have six classrooms all facing in towards a "cluster" or common area and an assistant office in the middle.
Pretty awesome

Kindergarten was separated into 2 different hallways, with a playroom in the middle.
So this layout is great because it's like first grade land!
As you can tell, we went with a superhero theme for our cluster this year.
We each chose a superhero, as you can tell from the posters on the windows above, and then we each made a bulletin board outside our rooms that matched.
This made it super easy for kids to find their room on the first day.

I'm Batman!

We also have a Spiderman.

The Incredible Hulk.
I love this display!


And Ironman.

Here's to a "SUPER" year!

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