Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Gifts for Parent Volunteers

I love my parent volunteers!
Without them my classroom would be a little more chaotic, I would be a little more frazzled, and my kids might not get to do all the fun crafty things that require a zillion cut out pieces.
Every year I would try to find something cute yet inexpensive to give these parents for Christmas.
I am slightly obsessed with Bath and Body Works.  So last year I decided to go a little cheaper than my usual gift cards and get hand soaps for all of my parent volunteers.  I am slightly snobby when it comes to soap and the gentle foaming hand soap from Bath and Body Works is my favorite!   Around this time I also happened to see some super cute Christmas themed bow frames by Ashley Hughes on TpT and a cute poem on Pinterest.  So I thought, why not make some super cute little gift tags with the poem, to go with my soap.
I love random inspiration!
These little soap gifts were such a hit last year, I knew they would be a repeat this year.
First stop was Bath and Body Works!
Hand soaps were on sale 5 for $18. 
Yes please!

I purchased an assortment of my favorite scents:
Twisted Peppermint
Snow Kissed Berry
Iced Gingerbread
Winter Candy Apple
Vanilla Bean Noel
I also bought some of their super cute glittery gift bags. 
I bought 5, but these are the only colors I have left.
They are the perfect size for one of the soap containers.

And I bought some lip gloss too. 
Bath and Body Works sell my favorite lip gloss.  I have this lip gloss everywhere.  One in my purse, one beside my bed, one in the bathroom, one in my car, and one on my desk at school.  Slight obsession, I know.
I used to have a stock pile of them in a tub under my bed, but my stock pile was down to 0.  So I bought 6 more; they were having a deal to buy 2 get 1 free.

Next, I printed and cut out my gift tags.
Blue Glitter Small Gift Bag - Bath & Body Works   - Bath & Body Works
Blue Glitter Small Gift Bag - Bath & Body Works   - Bath & Body Works

Then attached them to the soap with curling ribbon.

I used a single hole punch to punch 2 holes side-by-side at the top of the gift tag. 

Then I weaved the ribbon through the holes, wrapped the ribbon around the back of the soap, and tied it into a bow.

 I love the finished product!
So cute, yet inexpensive and easy peasy.
I decided to give all my soaps away this year.
1 went to a parent volunteer
1 went to my piano teacher
1 went to my figure skating coach
2 went to people I "elfed" at school
That means none left for me :(
Guess I'll just have to go back to Bath and Body Works and stock up on more!

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  1. Super cute! Thanks for sharing. You have lucky parent volunteers.