Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Fun in Kindergarten

Fall is my favorite time of year!!
It's also one of my most favorite times to be a kindergarten teacher.
Here are a few of the fun fall activities that have been going on in my classroom.
Apple window art for September!
Candy corn for October!
Yes, I know, I switched the orange and yellow stripes.  Whoops
My kids loved making these in Art Mart.

The kids had to "spy" the letters and then trace the Halloween word at the bottom.  I can't wait to pull out my Thanksgiving - I Spy next week.

Pops and Pumpkins
Dads, granddads, and sometimes moms, come and carve pumpkins with us.
My kids love it!

I put butcher paper down on the tables so that I have less mess to clean up.  Then I steal borrow lunch trays from the cafeteria so the kids and pops have a place to put their pumpkin guts.  I clean the trays and then sneak them back the next day.

Using candy corn to measure our bats.

I forgot to buy candy corn until the last minute and when I got to the store, all they had was Starburst candy corn. 
Kids didn't even notice!

We purposely forgo a Halloween party for a trip to the pumpkin patch every Halloween. 
This was a cold, wet day; and of course I couldn't find any jeans, not even dirty ones.  So I wore jean capris instead.  Big mistake!
Here we are learning about how bees help the pumpkins grow.

We milked Daisy the Milkcow.

Played on the tire swings.

Went on a hay ride to pick out pumpkins.

By then it was not only 40 degrees but raining as well.
Thank goodness for parents who bring lots of umbrellas!

But we know how to make the best of it!

Played in the corn crib.
Have you every played in a corn crib? 
This was my kids' favorite part of the day and was way better than a sandbox.

Although casualties did happen.
This little cutie bonked her forehead on the wooden bench in the corn crib.
What do you do for an ice pack at the pumpkin patch?
Fill an empty baby wipe pouch with ice from the milk cooler of course!
Improv at its finest.
You know you're a teacher when you willingly plunge your hand into an ice cooler for an ice pack when it's 40 degrees.

Round 'em up cowboys!

We went through a corn maze too, but it was treacherous between all the mud and puddles, so I didn't even think about pulling out my camera.
My poor shoes.
Between the capris and the tennis shoes, I definitely didn't dress appropriately.
My kids begged to ride the "cow train."
The kids are riding in barrels that are painted to look like cows and pulled by a four-wheeler.

But I got the best seat...
I got to ride on the back of the four-wheeler!
I took pictures of my kids having a ball the entire ride.

It may have been a wet cold day, but we had a blast!
I love you fall!

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