Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is It Fall Yet?

I love Fall!

I love the cool mornings, leaves changing color, pumpkins, corn mazes, chili, wearing jeans and sweaters after a summer of being hot and sticky; I just the whole atmosphere in general. 

Who cares if Fall is technically still a few weeks away.  I decided I was ready to do a little Fall activity and decorate my September bulletin board.  So this week in Art Mart, my kids are making the cutest scarecrow writing craftivity and then I'm putting them up on my bulletin board when they are finished. 

So we are adding just a few each day, but I have found that this is a good way not to stress over a bulletin board.  Just do a little at a time.

Normally I choose independent art activities for my Art Mart.  Things that they don't need my help with, they can just look at an example and go.  But I wanted them to do a really good job on these, and they were going on display, so I helped them step-by-step.

The first thing we did was I wrote down their answer to finish this sentence "I am scared when."  Then I handed them their pieces and showed them where to glue.  I also had made an example for them to look at.  I am a visual learner and like to have examples.

So much Fall fun!

They turned out so cute!

This one seriously cracks me up!

Her parents warned me during our conference a few weeks ago that if she sees anyone in a costume she will run and hide.  They said they have to circle around Chik-fil-a to make sure the person in the the cow costume isn't walking around inside before they go in.  They also told me that she saw our local college mascot at a basketball game, he was all the way across the basketball court, but she hid behind the bleachers and kept asking her parents if they thought the mascot saw her.

Bless her!  No trips to Disney World in their future.

As we walk by our bulletin board on our way into or out of the classroom, all my kids turn to check out the scarecrows.  And some ask me every time, when it will be their turn to make one.

If you want to check out this awesome Fall craftivity by Miss Kindergarten, click here.

I made the pieces of my scarecrow just a tad smaller than her examples so that I could fit the whole thing onto a sheet of construction paper that had been trimmed down to 8.5 x 11.  That way I can easily slip it into a plastic sleeve and into our End of the Year Books.  

Always gotta think ahead!

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