Meet Miss Kriss

Hey!  My name is Kristina and I am a kindergarten teacher in Tennessee. 

The 2016-2017 school year will be my 11th year of teaching!  Nine of the past ten years have been in kindergarten!  Last year I looped up to first grade with my kindergarteners, which was AMAZING!  Having the opportunity to witness two years worth of growth in my kindergarteners was incredible and humbling.  As was building relationships with my students and parents.  But now I'm headed back to kindergarten!  I love teaching "littles" and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to teach where my heart belongs!

I was born in Florida, but being an Air Force brat family, I moved all over the continental United States and spent three years living overseas.  When my dad retired, we moved to Tennessee and here we remain!  I have grown to love Tennessee!  The southern accents, rolling green hills, and moderate weather have kept me here for almost 20 years, but there may be change coming soon... I would definitely love to teach on Military bases and/or overseas one day.

I absolutely adore the small rural town where I teach.  Having taught there for the past ten years has allowed me to get to know the families in the community and become a family with my fellow teachers.

When I'm not teaching, I love spending time with my fur babies (2 cats and 2 dogs), reading, playing piano, figure skating, creating classroom resources, blogging, and occasionally running half marathons at Disney World! I'm a total Disney nerd!


I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers in 2012 and was excited to learn from and buy from other teachers!  I figured who knew what I needed in my classroom better than a teacher!  I decided to open my own TpT store in July 2013 because I loved creating resources for my classroom and thought someone else may benefit from them as well.  I only create things that I specifically need for my own classroom and therefore use everything that I make.  The products that I make center around my strengths: organization, behavior management, d├ęcor, and kindergarten activities.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram as it's the best place to find out about new products, sales, and updates!  And if you love finding new ideas for your classroom like I do, you can find me on Pinterest as well.

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